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Safe and efficient vehicle rescue is one call away


At Egertons, we appreciate that managing a large fleet can be an incredibly stressful job, especially when dealing with multiple incidents. To help make this as smooth-sailing as possible, we’ve built a bespoke incident management service which enables us to deliver our vast range of services in the most efficient manner, operating to pre-agreed frameworks and service level agreements.

You could be one call away from: outsourcing FNOL services

The first step in any vehicle rescue and recovery is always, First Notification of Loss (FNOL) but it’s never as simple as just taking one phone call; it’s all about collating the exact right information on anything and everything that’s happened, identifying the correct type of recovery or repair vehicles to deploy, and reporting out on the incident to all stakeholders, supply chain and claimant.

That’s why fleet operators choose to outsource their FNOL provisions, and we’re proud to say that Egertons are here to offer just that.

We offer a complete 24-hour call centre, 365 days a year, available to support your existing telephone services, and we’re also able to fully white label our services too, meaning your customers will only ever recognise your brand, your expertise and your service.

It doesn’t get more efficient than that.

You could be one call away from: a safe roadside repair

As soon as our technicians arrive on the scene, they’ll quickly evaluate the situation with the help of onboard diagnostic equipment and latest vehicle tooling to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

By working like this, we can aim to facilitate a roadside repair quickly and safely, rather than prolong the downtime of your vehicles or needing to tow them to a workshop. For our customers, this means that we’re able to use the exact right equipment, tools and technician expertise there and then, getting their vehicles back on the road as soon as possible.

What’s more, operators can also rest assured that any roadside repair is also carried out to the very highest industry standards, as we also hold PAS 43, ISO 9001 and NNHS Sector 17 accreditations and all of our technicians are fully qualified in commercial vehicle repairs.

But we don’t stop there!

We’re not just a vehiclerecovery service; we provide ongoing mobility solutions to ensure your load gets to its final destination safely. This means if we can’t repair your vehicle at the roadside, we’ll help deliver your load, your driver and your vehicle to the most appropriate locations to get your day back on track as quickly as possible.

In fact, our experts can even facilitate drop offs to separate locations too, whether it’s the original planned destination, company depot or preferred workshop. 

You could be one call away from: a specialist vehicle rescue and recovery, from anywhere

We pride ourselves on constantly innovating and adapting to the demands of a changing world, and have invested heavily in our fleet, technology and customer service to build a nationwide roadside repair and recovery service that our customers rely on.

This investment allows our roadside incident team to spring into action as soon as they receive your call, despatching not only the recovery vehicle that’s most suitable for the job, but also the one closest to the location of the incident.

Depending on the type of vehicle that needs recovery, we have access to recovery assets such as rotating and sliding cranes, low loaders and medium and large heavies. We can even deploy airbag units or all terrain equipment too, meaning we can confidently say that yes, we can recover any vehicle, from anywhere.

You could be one call away from: safeguarding a bigger fleet

Our large fleet service offers a more personalised experience, by giving our enterprise customers a series of dedicated resources and service features, all aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency through one single point of contact.

There are also a number of added extras too which come with being an Egertons customer, such as:

  • A dedicated Account Manager, there to aid communications and to build a closer, more personalised relationship with our larger customers, our bespoke service includes appointing a dedicated Account Manager and contact number to your fleet, working as a single point of contact
  • We’ll get to know your fleet through our stringent in-boarding process, meaning that we will already have a clear view of what’s most important to you and your customers, enabling us to make the right decisions to start the rescue process safely and efficiently
  • And each large fleet customer will be provided with access to a user-friendly portal, giving them a comprehensive overview of the status of any jobs in our system and to monitor their progress live, in real-time

To name but a few benefits.

But ultimately, you could be one call away from: getting your vehicle, load and your driver back on the road

Egertons are one of the UK’s leading vehicle rescue and recovery operators, with services stretching from breakdown recovery to specialist assistance, available 24/7/365 service across the country.

But the main reason choose us? Because our fleet of incident response vehicles, range of equipment available on hand and the technology our fleet is equipped with, allows us to deploy the exact right vehicles, first time, helping to keep your vehicle downtime to an absolute minimum and ensure recovery takes place as safely and efficiently as possible.

What’s more, we also hold PAS 43, ISO 9001 and NNHS Sector 17 accreditations, helping to ensure that all our recoveries and repairs are completed to the very highest industry standards.

We’re the preferred vehicle rescue and recovery operator for UK fleets to rely on, no matter what.

In other words, when you need us, we’ll be right here.

Reach out today.