First Notification of Loss

An Introduction to the Egertons Fleet


From the moment you first call our team, we work towards completing crucial steps to find out exactly what type of accident or breakdown has happened, how we’ll get to you and which vehicles are going to get the job done in the most efficient, safest way.

Our triage process is all about asking critical questions, such as an exact description of location, load,  intended destination and of course, how dangerous the situation is. Then, once we have all the essential information, our team get straight to work on determining which is the most appropriate emergency response vehicle to deploy out to the scene.

For us, this means looking to our 300-strong fleet, each one fitted with the most cutting-edge technology to repair or recover any vehicle. It’s an impressive selection, and since it makes us one of the leading vehicle rescue and recovery operators out there in the UK, we think it’s officially time to introduce them.

Let’s start with…

Service Van

An Egertons staple; our service vans are used to carry out our everyday duties at the roadside for car and van repairs.

What’s more, our service vans also carry a Rapid Deployment Towing (RDT) system in the rear too, meaning that if a car needs recovering urgently, we can deploy a towing system there and then at the roadside. A brilliant time saver!

Commercial Service Van

Used for repairs on any commercial vehicles, this long wheel base van is used for commercial repairs due to the tools and equipment required, in comparison to your everyday roadside breakdown in a car.

Heavy Underlift

An underlift has a crane which goes under the casualty vehicle and lifts it up. It’s perfect for the recovery of heavy commercial vehicles either from the roadside, or to move them from A to B. 

Low Loader

This is a unit and trailer used for vehicle movements and recoveries. It’s one of our most used incident support vehicles, mainly for trailers or heavy commercial vehicles which can’t be towed away by the underlift.

We also opt for the low loader if a unit and trailer has rolled over, as the rotator would help turn the vehicle back upright. Likewise, if there was significant damage to a vehicle, we’d use the low loader to recover it back to base, clearing the road of the accident completely.


 The slidebed is our main truck used for carrying out everyday recoveries at the roadside. It’s used for both cars and vans, and also have a spec lift which enables ut to tow two vehicles with just the one resource.

7.5 Tonne Slidebed

Very similar to our larger slidebeds, but used to carry weights less than 12 tonnes.


The rotator is mainly used for accidents where a heavy commercial vehicle has rolled over, as it features both an underlift to tow , and a crane to upright a vehicle too. 

The Hiab Accident Unit

Used for more serious accidents, the Hiab accident unit has a crane on the back to lift vehicles rather than just a winch. It’s a huge piece of equipment, but gives complete peace of mind knowing that this highly capable truck allows to recover whatever serious incident our teams are faced with.


And lastly, our trusty 4x4s. These are our small but powerful trucks used for winch outs, and one of the most reliable vehicles in the Egertons fleet.

They’re a must when it comes to rescuing vehicles that have been stuck in mud, snow or any other sticky situation. We wouldn’t be without them.

And there we have it – a complete rundown on the incident support vehicles which are on-hand to rescue, recover and resolve any vehicle in a breakdown crisis.  It’s a fleet we’re proud to put our name to, and if thanks to their excellent capabilities, there’s one thing we can say with absolute confidence:

You can count on us.

Egertons are one of the UK’s leading vehicle rescue and recovery operators, with services stretching from breakdown recovery to specialist assistance, available 24/7/365 service across the country.

But the main reason choose us? Because our fleet of incident response vehicles, range of equipment available on hand and the technology our fleet is equipped with, allows us to deploy the exact right vehicles, first time, helping to keep your vehicle downtime to an absolute minimum and ensure recovery takes place as safely and efficiently as possible.

What’s more, we also hold PAS 43, ISO 9001 and NNHS Sector 17 accreditations, helping to ensure that all our recoveries and repairs are completed to the very highest industry standards.

We’re the preferred vehicle rescue and recovery operator for UK fleets to rely on, no matter what.

In other words, when you need us, we’ll be right here.

Reach out today.