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Why Great Service Needs to Come From All Areas of Your Supply Chain


From roadside repairs and specialist assistance, to large fleet services and FNOL, Egertons is the ideal partner for an existing business to add to you supply chain in order to offer a great customer service.

At Egertons,  we believe that great customer service needs to come from all areas of a business.

Customer satisfaction is so important to us, and we pride ourselves on being an established company through and through, from our Operations Centre to the Technicians out on the road. So much so that we can confidently say our team has the knowledge, facilities and ability to carry out any given task to a high standard, in the soonest time possible. And that, is exactly what makes us an ideal partner to work with.

We do it all, and we do it well.

We’re here to manage as many processes as your business requires us to, and a partnership with us means that your supply chain can benefit from our expertise, dedication and customer-centric focus. But no matter what, whether you choose to partner with Egertons for a small task, or to take over an entire job from start to finish, we will always deliver the very in customer service, from all the areas we offer.

Great communication is key to great service

At Egertons, we will always provide continuous updates whether it’s an accident on the road or the status of a repair. Insurers, fleet managers and drivers value our open interactions, and we always ensure that stakeholders are able to track the journey of a recovery or repair quickly and easily, without any confusion.

Our inhouse IT platform allows us to do just this, delivering a service which sets a new standard in the recovery industry thanks to a dedicated online portal which can be integrated into existing IT infrastructures, giving exclusive access to a policy holders’ recoveries in our system.

This portal can also provide regular updates on each stage of the recovery process, as well as two-way communications of all data including:

  • Onward transportation requests
  • Location details
  • Real-time updates
  • Confirmation of deployment
  • Two-way chat
  • Tracking to location
  • Images from the scene
  • Incoming job requests
  • And a directions map

The result of this is that communication lines are always kept open between all areas of the supply chain, and together, a great service can be offered by a team who are always on the same page.

FNOL services are crucial in the supply chain 

As First Notification of Loss (FNOL) is the initial report made to the insurer in the event of an accident, loss or damage of an insured vehicle, it’s also the first step in the claims process too, and therefore kickstarts the supply chain in actioning that claim.

To help make this initial process as smooth running as possible, Egertons are able to enhance existing supply chain FNOL services by stepping in at the first notification, straight through to vehicle repair and storage. In fact, we can take on as much of your processes as you would like, and our team of specialists are on hand at our 24/7/365 call centre to help.

But that’s not all.

We are a rescue and recovery company who looks to minimise costs for our customers wherever possible, and this includes being strategic in our approach to every task. For example, if a vehicle is roadworthy, we can provide notification only, whereas if it’s deemed unroadworthy, we can recover the vehicle to either a safe location, a specific location of your choice or to one of our many secure sites across the country.

No matter what, our goal is to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, by delivering a great service, via a cost effective process.

Supply chains also stretch to the wheels on the ground

Wherever possible, we will always aim to repair vehicles at the roadside where possible to prevent additional garage costs for a company. It’s the most efficient way to keep those wheels on the ground, but we also appreciate that things don’t always go to plan, and sometimes a lot more work is needed.

Rest assured however, that the 300-strong Egertons fleet is fully equipped for the job, with each service vehicle fitted with the most cutting-edge technology to repair or recover any vehicle.

The selection is impressive, including everything from Heavy Underlifts, Low Loaders and 4x4s, through to 7.5 Tonne Slidebeds, countless service vans and the hefty Hiab Accident Unit. In fact, it’s this fleet which makes us one of the leading vehicle rescue and recovery operators out there in the UK, as we’re able to deploy the exact right incident support vehicle to recover and resolve any vehicle in a breakdown crisis, first time.

And finally, customers can span the entire country, so a great service should too 

Over the past 55 years, we’ve built an enviable track record for recovering vehicles safely, always in the most timely and safest methods, and because of this, we’ve also built a loyal customer base within a variety of industries too.

To cater for those customers, we pride ourselves on offering a nationwide service coverage facilitated by a 24/7/365 active operation, all of which allows us to guarantee that we can reach any vehicle incident at any time, anywhere across the country.

We have a large coverage, and this allows us to dispatch to any casualty vehicle in the UK, covering all sized fleets and all of our customers’ needs.

In other words, we’ve got you covered

Egertons is the partner of choice for so many businesses today.

We can cover it all, no matter where your business is based and what your needs are, and our team work as an expert, dedicated extension of your existing supply chain. With us, you can rest assured you’re in the very best of hands, and our commitment to you is that above all, we will never offer anything less than a great service to your customers, and to you as our partner.

Reach out today to find out more.