The best driving routes for 2022


Now that we’re starting to see some level of normality return following the global pandemic, we’re looking at the best UK routes commercial drivers can take in the new year. From following scenic routes to knowing which busy accident-prone hotspots to avoid.

National lockdowns and widespread shortages have meant that UK roads have gone from being gridlocked with traffic to quieter than ever, on-and-off for the past 24 months. It’s been a rollercoaster for everyone, and whilst it’s not as easy to jump on a plane and jet off with our factor 50, we can still do the next best thing; explore our own country instead.  

Taking the scenic route can be great for your health and wellbeing

When we typically think of commercial drivers, we think of motorways, A-roads and traffic. But when the opportunity arises, those long journeys don’t always need to be about just getting from A to B. Taking the scenic route can help reduce stress and strengthen your mental health.

Some of the best scenic routes include Llanberis to Capel Curig via the A4086 and Llanberis Pass in Wales, to the North York Moors lap. This is a 90-mile total loop around Helmsley, Rievaulx, Danby, Whitby, Scalby and Rosedale Abbey, following hidden dales and woodland acres.

There are even stop-off scenic routes too, such as Jenner’s Café in Maidenhead to Ace Café in London, another popular route which bypasses congested streets and gets you a full English at the end of it.

But there’s something special about the whole “driving off into the sunset” premise too. It’s a good time for deep breaths and contemplation, and for many commercial drivers who are alone up to 15 hours a day, taking that time to enjoy the sunset for its pure beauty and calming colours can really help to melt away the stress and anxiety of the day. 

Lookout for a great service station

In a recent study, over 100 service stations across 29 different UK motorways were ranked from best to worst. 

It identified that the M40 has the best service stations overall, followed by the M1 in second place and the M5 in last. For operators, Westmorland came out on top whilst Welcome Break and Moto were ranked at the bottom of the pile, and regionally the North East and Northern Ireland were ranked best in the country, with the East and South West worst overall.

But, most importantly, the study found that the Tebay services on the M6 between J38 and J39 (which is operated by Westmorland), was crowned the country’s best motorway services, with Telford rated the worst service station in the UK.

Key inside-knowledge for drivers who love and need a service station break stop!

Take caution around accident prone hotspots  

Latest data from the annual Department for Transport (DfT) ‘Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain’ report looks at the accident-prone hotspots across UK regions.

It highlights that Scotland had the highest severe accident rate of 37% for heavy and light commercial vehicles, and that the severe accident rate is highest on single carriageway roads at 24% and 60mph speed roads at 29%.

However, it also looks at lighting, weather and road conditions as well the time of day. For example, accidents when driving in fog or mist have the highest accident severity rate of 27%, and the severe accident rate when driving in the dark without any street lighting is 33%.

Something for drivers to be especially wary of as we come into the unpredictable winter months.

Knowing who to call when you’re stuck

At Egertons, we offer a 24/7/365 service across the country from breakdown recovery to specialist assistance, with an average attendance time of 43 minutes from leaving our sites to reaching you at the scene. Whether that’s at Capel Curig or Tebay services.

For us, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing to our customers that from the moment you first pick up the phone and speak to us. We’ll start your recovery process immediately from our side, deploying the exact right vehicles to the scene first time.

We’ll also track the progress of those vehicles throughout the job and liaise with our specialised technicians throughout the entire recovery process.

With Egertons, you can rest assured you’re in the best of hands. We’ll have your assets recovered in no-time, and our team will stop at nothing to get you back on the road safely.

In other words, you make the call, we’ll do the rest.

We’re ready when you are.

Reach out today.