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Fulfilling FNOL Services


From full FNOL services to notification only, we are proud to say that Egertons can support your throughout any stage of the notification of loss process.

Egertons are able to support you and your customers at any time at all, thanks to our 24/7/365 call centre and nationwide fleet of repair and recovery vehicles. 

We’re here to enhance your existing FNOL provision, from first notification to vehicle repair and storage. This is how we do it.

What is FNOL?

FNOL stands for First Notification of Loss. It’s the initial report made to the insurer in the event of an accident, loss or damage of an insured vehicle.

Typically, FNOL is the first step in the claims process, and it’s a phrase that’s widely used in automotive, insurance and breakdown recovery sectors when reporting an incident. The term FNOL is also used in telematics too, where it can be used to describe an automated alert that’s triggered by G Force readings inside a black box tracking device. In these instances, alerts are usually delivered by email, and are designed to assist transport managers through enhanced visibility of incidents as soon as they happen. However, some businesses choose to liaise with claimants through a more personal approach, often outsourcing their FNOL processes to a team of experts who will handle the claims process, repair or recovery from the moment it’s first reported.

What’s the benefit of outsourcing an FNOL process?

For fleet operators, outsourcing their FNOL process gives them back critical time for other priorities. This is because FNOL is never as simple as just taking a phone call and making notes; it’s all about collating the exact right information on anything and everything that’s happened, identifying the correct type of recovery or repair vehicles to deploy, and reporting out on the incident to all stakeholders, supply chain and claimant.

FNOL can be a very lengthy process, though it is arguably the most essential step. As a result, many commercial businesses choose to work with a specialist FNOL service to expand their offerings.

Is an outsourced FNOL process easier to manage?

Absolutely. Specialists such as Egertons are able to offer a complete 24-hour call centre, available to support your existing telephone services. This means that no matter the time of day, there will always be a team of highly trained experts available to collate all relevant information, deploy the required services and present a full report at the right time.

Will my customers know they’re speaking with a different vendor?

Not necessarily, no. The great thing about choosing Egertons as your FNOL provider is that we are able to fully white label our services.

This means that your customers will only ever recognise your brand, your expertise and your service. We will act completely as an extension of your business, but we will handle anything you’d like us to on your behalf.

Why choose Egertons for FNOL service

Depending on your business needs, Egertons are able to enhance your existing FNOL provision by stepping in at the first notification, straight through to vehicle repair and storage.

We can take on as much of your processes as you would like, and our team of specialists are on hand at our 24/7/365 call centre to help. Plus, they also have the exceptional resources of our 300-strong fleet of vehicles at their disposal, meaning that if required, they can deploy an immediate response vehicle to any location across the UK.

But we don’t stop there.

If the vehicle is roadworthy, we can provide notification only, or it’s deemed unroadworthy, we can recover the vehicle to either a safe location, a specific location of your choice or to one of our many secure sites across the country, all in an effort to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We’ve got you covered

Egertons are the specialist of choice for so many fleet operators today, stemming from breakdown recovery to specialist assistance, and our sophisticated triage process allows us to deploy the exact right vehicles to a scene first time. This is supported by our 24-hour control room, and having invested in industry leading software, we can seamlessly track the progress of all our vehicles and allocate jobs straight to the recovery technicians.

Combine this process with our 300-strong fleet, vast range of equipment available on hand and the technology it is equipped with, you can rest assured you’re in the best of hands.

We’re ready when you are.

Reach out today.