An Interview with Call Operator, Jason


Join us as we sit down with Jason, Call Operator here at Egertons, as we take an exclusive look behind the scenes of our busy nationwide call centre.

From the moment you first call our team, our Egertons team work towards completing the crucial steps to find out exactly what’s happened, how we’ll get to you and which vehicles are going to get the job done.

It’s a tailored, effective triage service, supported by our 24-hour control room, latest industry technology, and our exceptional team of Call Operators who work via a sophisticated online portal to efficiently manage our 300-strong fleet. In other words, there’s a lot going on!

But as one of the UK’s leading vehicle rescue and recovery operators, with services stretching from breakdown recovery to specialist assistance, there’s nothing more important than that very first point of call.

Join us as we sit down with Jason, Call Operators here at Egertons, as we discover what life is really like on the other end of the phone, and how we start off the rescue and recovery of all our customers.

Hi Jason, could you start off by letting us know how long you’ve been working at Egertons?

Hello, I’ve been working for Egertons for around 10 months now.

What was life like before you joined us? Is your background also in automotive, or customer service?

I wouldn’t say I have a background in automotive or customer service. For 10 years I worked in agriculture working with dairy cows and working with crops. I also worked in the workshops on the farms where I learnt how to weld and other useful skills. It was here that I learnt a little about machines and how they worked.

I’ve managed to use some of this knowledge in my current position to help diagnose problems and help come up with solutions to issues where I wouldn’t have been able to without my past experiences.

Was there something in particular that made you want to become a Call Operator?

I was looking for a new job and came across the open position. I was intrigued as I have always been interested in logistics so I thought it would be a good fit.

And what was your training like when you officially started working with us?

It was good, I felt that the person training me knew what they were talking about. The system I took to quickly and had no problems getting stuck in.

What was it like working with a new team whilst you were going through your training?

The team I was with were all supportive and understanding. I didn’t feel uncomfortable when having to ask questions.

What does a typical working day like for you as a Call Operator?

I come in and set my work station up, check my emails and action anything that needs dealing with. I will then look at the daily work schedule and dispatch the workload as and when required.

I will go over anything that could have been missed and make sure everything is allocated and on time. I will answer the phone when required and deal with any requests. Once the day comes to an end, I will reflect on how the day has gone, make notes and see if there is anything I can learn in my free time.

We can imagine that no two customers or days are the same! How do you manage working with so many different scenarios every day?

I prefer to compartmentalise the different accounts and keep everything organised. This way any information remains clear and helps me to manage the daily tasks.

Could you explain the triage process a bit more for us, how does it work at Egertons?

We speak to both the client and the driver to get as much information as possible so we can take action accordingly. We do history checks to see if there is an under lying issue. We ask a range of questions, so we know the correct resource is sent the first time capable of either fixing or recovering the casualty vehicle.

And how does that triage process make your job as a Call Operator better?

It helps us to understand what is going on with the vehicle and how we can help. We can plan and manage the job effectively; this reduces down time and re-occurring jobs with the same fault.

Most of all the customer is happy that they are receiving a professional service.

What is it that you love most about your job?

I love the diversity of the job and how it tests my knowledge. I am always learning and tuning my skills.

What has been a stand-out moment for you when helping your customers? A time when you thought “we’ve done a really great job here”?

I couldn’t choose one, there has been a number of times when I have helped customers in dire situations and they have thanked us profusely. We go out of our way to make sure the job gets done and this brings me joy when we can prove we can go above and beyond for customers.

Now the juicy one, why us? What made Egertons stand out for you as an employer?

Joining one of the largest recovery companies in Europe with a clear vision to continue to go further and get better at what they do.

And finally, how would you describe being part of the Egertons family?

In short, inclusive. Everyone helps each other.

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