We Recover Any Vehicle, Any Time

Egertons, one of the country's leading vehicle rescue and recovery operators, is a dynamic organisation at the forefront of change within the recovery industry.

Egertons is proud of its 55 year vehicle recovery heritage. The combination of vast experience and high levels of energy has spawned a number of new ideas and initiatives which are propelling the group towards broadening and constantly improving its range of services across the entire United Kingdom. 


Why choose us?

What truly sets Egertons apart from anybody else is the size of a fleet, vast range of equipment and the technology it is equipped with. With over 300 vehicles, our fleet can get anywhere, any time. Our cover is nationwide. Subsequently, we can confidently state that we will arrive promptly. To make everything less stressful for you, we’ve now introduced an online payment system. Simply fill in your details here.    

This large fleet is supported by our 24 hour control room. Having invested in industry leading software, we can seamlessly track the progress of all our vehicles and allocate jobs electronically straight to the recovery technicians. At Egertons, there is no time lost or mistakes caused by passing job information over the phone. Our intelligent dispatch system ensures that the nearest available system is allocated the job, reducing the time and distance our vehicles travel, ultimately lessening emissions. Conscious of our environmental responsibility, we continue to invest in Euro compliant vehicles which are far more environmentally friendly.

Hand in hand with all this technology, we employ an in-house trainer to ensure that all our employees feel confident in their job and skills. Egertons guides drivers along their career journey.

At Egertons we guarantee quality. All or drivers wear branded uniform so you can feel confident that you know who you’re dealing with. We are fully insured for all risks and hold PAS 43, ISO 9001 and NNHS Sector 17 quality accreditations.


Nationwide Coverage