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5 Benefits of Providing One Seamless Rescue and Recovery Service


When dealing with a vehicle breakdown or accident, the ultimate goal of a service provider will always be to make the recovery process as easy as possible. For some fleet operators, this could mean contacting multiple stakeholders to determine next steps, but for those businesses who choose to offer one seamless rescue and recovery service, it’s a much smoother process.

At Egertons, we’re proud to say that we can offer just that. From the moment you make that first phone call, we do the rest. Literally. And it’s why so many fleet operators choose us.

1. One seamless service can: take over from the first step

First Notification of Loss (FNOL) is never as simple as just taking one phone call; it’s all about collating the exact right information on anything and everything that’s happened, identifying the correct type of recovery or repair vehicles to deploy, and reporting out on the incident to all stakeholders, supply chain and claimant.

That’s why fleet operators choose to outsource their FNOL provisions, and we’re proud to say that Egertons are here to help.

We offer a complete 24-hour call centre, 365 days a year, available to support your existing telephone services, and we’re also able to fully white label our services too, meaning your customers will only ever recognise your brand, your expertise and your service.

It doesn’t get more seamless than that.

2. One seamless service can: work with insurers to deliver operational excellence

We believe that communication is absolutely key when it comes to facilitating a vehicle rescue or recovery. Insurers value our open interactions, and we always ensure that stakeholders are able to track the journey of a breakdown quickly and easily, without any confusion.

Our inhouse IT platform allows us to do just this, delivering a service which sets a new standard in the recovery industry, and is available to access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Plus, to offer complete peace of mind, we also have a dedicated online portal which can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, giving exclusive access to a policy holders’ recoveries in our system.

This portal can also provide regular updates on each stage of the recovery process, as well as two-way communications of all data including:

  • Onward transportation requests
  • Location details
  • Real-time updates
  • Confirmation of deployment
  • Two-way chat
  • Tracking to location
  • Images from the scene
  • Incoming job requests
  • And a directions map

3. One seamless service can: offer bespoke incident management service for large fleets

We appreciate that managing a large fleet can be incredibly stressful, especially when dealing with multiple incidents. To help make this as smooth-sailing as possible, we’ve built a bespoke incident management service which enables us to deliver our vast range of services in the most efficient manner, operating to pre-agreed frameworks and service level agreements.

This service offers a more personalised experience by giving our larger customers dedicated resources and service features aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency, all through a single point of contact. These services include:

  • A dedicated account manager and contact number
  • Access to our online booking facility
  • 2-way messaging function with the operations control room
  • Access to digital invoices and records
  • Fixed nationwide rates
  • Volume discounts
  • Online invoice viewer

But ultimately, our large fleet service makes incident management easier, thanks to a dedicated, bespoke package to suit your business operation, all we require is a simple instruction to attend. What’s more, we can even brand the process, giving your employees a sense of familiarity and allowing each customer access to a user-friendly portal, offering a comprehensive overview of the status of any jobs in our system to monitor the progress of live jobs in real-time.

4. One seamless service can: recover any vehicle, from anywhere

We pride ourselves on constantly innovating and adapting to the demands of a changing world, and have invested heavily in our fleet, technology and customer service to build a nationwide roadside repair and recovery service that our customers rely on.

This investment allows our roadside incident team to spring into action as soon as they receive your call, despatching not only the recovery vehicle that’s most suitable for the job, but also the one closest to the location of the incident.

Depending on the type of vehicle that needs recovery, we have access to recovery assets such as rotating and sliding cranes, low loaders and medium and large heavies. We can even deploy airbag units or all terrain equipment too, meaning we can confidently say that yes, we can recover any vehicle, from anywhere.

5. One seamless service can: be ready when you are

As one of the leading vehicle rescue and recovery operators in the country, we completely understand that there’s never a convenient time to experience a commercial vehicle accident. That’s why we make it our priority to reach you at the scene as quickly as possible to get your vehicle recovered by offering a 24/7/365 service, from breakdown recovery to specialist assistance.

Egertons are the preferred breakdown recovery specialist of choice for so many fleet operators today, but it’s not just about speed for us; it’s also about getting the job done right, always.

Our sophisticated triage process allows us to deploy the exact right vehicles to a scene first time. This is supported by our 24-hour control room, and having invested in industry leading software, we can seamlessly track the progress of all our vehicles and allocate jobs straight to the recovery technicians.

Combine this process with our 300-strong fleet, vast range of equipment available on hand and the technology it is equipped with, you can rest assured you’re in the best of hands.

Reach out today.