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Which HGV Brands are the Most Popular in the UK?


With over 40 million vehicles out there on UK roads today, almost 600,000 of them are heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), and whilst many drivers would typically have their own personal favourite car brand, can the same be said for HGVs?

From how powerful the engine is and how much room there is in the cab, to whether the latest tech is included or if they’re prone to common maintenance fixes – there are so many factors involved when choosing the right vehicles for your fleet.

Researching the right HGVs can feel like a never-ending task as there’s quite simply so much choice. However, when making an investment of that sheer size and necessity, it’s important to not ignore one very important thing: reputation.

Word of mouth goes a long way. Online reviews, customer forums and peer recommendations can make or break a new business deal for a HGV fleet, so it’s no surprise that brands across the UK are doing all they can to keep their credit spick and span.

So let’s see for ourselves, and find out if the most popular HGV brands are really true to their reputations.

The latest Statistica report names DAF Trucks as the leading HGV manufacturer in the UK, having increased their increased market share to 32.1% year over year and a staggering 13.2% change. In figures, this left DAF with 13,068 vehicles registered in 2022, compared to their 11,547 in 2021.

The report then lists Volvo as a runner-up with 5,655 units registered during the same time, and Scania in third place with 5,906 units. Whereas IVECO dropped beneath the 5% mark, ending 2022 with 4.90% share, and FUSO hangs on by a thread with 0.50% in the UK.

However, vehicle registration and market share figures don’t necessarily reflect a drivers’ favourite HGV brand overall, so it’s worth looking at other sources such as driver preferences and industry expert opinions.

For example, the International Truck of the Year Award praised different brands in their top spots recently, with the Mercedes-Benz Actros taking 1st place in 2020, MAN‘S new TGX in 2021, and the  DAF XF in 2022.

At the same time, when we directly ask the people who drive those HGVs on a daily basis, their opinions are a combination too, as the top 3 brands highlighted in a recent driver poll on UK driving community forum TruckNet UK were listed as Volvo, Scania, and Mercedes-Benz.

But, taking the ultimate crown at the International Truck of the Year 2023 ceremony, was none other than the DAF XD.

Recognised by a jury of 24 commercial vehicle editors and senior journalists, representing 24 major trucking magazines throughout Europe, the DAF XD secured a winning score of 134 votes, fighting off challenges from Scania and Mercedes-Benz.

A well-deserved win, as according to the rules, the annual award goes to the truck introduced into the market within the past 12 months which has made the most significant contribution to road transport efficiency, based on a criteria of technological innovation, comfort, safety, driveability, fuel economy, environmental ‘footprint,’ and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

This makes the DAF XD the official number 1 HGV choice of today, and offers fleet managers benefits such as improved direct visibility (a key factor for distribution vehicles), as well as better internal cab space, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, active and passive safety, and driver comfort.

A sound investment, and a brand well worthy of the top spot.

Getting those HGVs from A to B

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