Large Fleet

Our large fleet service makes incident management simple. With a dedicated and bespoke package to suit your business operation, just a simple instruction to attend is all that is required.  If necessary, we can even brand the process, giving your employees a sense of familiarity.

As well as a dedicated phone number, you will also be able to access our online booking facility. Our user-friendly portal provides you with a comprehensive overview of the status of your jobs in our system. From this interface, you can book new jobs and monitor the progress of live jobs in real-time, additionally, you can view all your invoices and archived jobs. If you prefer, you can even liaise with our control room via the portal’s 2-way messaging function. All of this is free for our large fleet clients and enables a far more efficient way to interact with our business and services.

Our large fleet service is incredibly personal and flexible to your business. The familiarity we have with our large fleet clients gives us a far superior understanding of their specific needs. For example, we can more easily identify which actions you’d want us to take in different situations. We can decide whether to invest time on repairing the vehicle roadside or simply focus on getting the load and driver back to the depot as quickly as possible. Similarly, we know when to have your warranty provider undertake any repair work.    

This service is most suitable for large fleet managers dealing with multiple incidents a day. Time is of the essence in most recovery situations as delays could cause additional charges to be incurred. Our familiarity with you as a client ensures that we can work far more effectively and efficiently.  

Furthermore, we offer fixed nationwide rates to our large fleet clients for all services, including volume discounts. Our large fleet accounts are handled by an account manager and various escalation lines within our business are designed to prevent any service level failures between you and your customer. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

Our sister company, EFM Fleet Services, provide a more comprehensive service that goes beyond solely incident management. They oversee every aspect of your fleet management requirements. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.


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