Heavy Commercial Breakdown Assistance

At Egertons, we recognise that time is money. Whenever any of your heavy commercial vehicles breaks down, your business is affected. Unscheduled down time almost certainly means loss of revenue. The speed and efficiency of our breakdown assistance service ensures that we can get your business moving again, fast.

As a company, we put huge emphasis on immediate roadside repair rather than defaulting to recovery. If we were to simply recover your vehicle and tow it to a workshop for repair, that just defers the problem, adding unnecessary cost to the repair. Instead, we do our utmost to resolve the issue at the breakdown location. Ultimately, this reduces operational downtime and you may no longer need to worry about arranging a replacement vehicle, transferring goods or locating a suitable garage. Our breakdown assistance service will potentially only leave you with one cost. 

All our technicians have undergone the highest quality training to assess and repair HGVs. Egertons provide technicians with the necessary specialist equipment, including Jaltest diagnostics, to return your vehicle to a roadworthy condition. Away from the breakdown itself, we are also extremely efficient in how we communicate with you. We have invested heavily in our customer service procedure and control room technology, ensuring that you remain updated on the status of all your vehicles.

Being kept up to date with the progress of a job is crucial for all business owners and transport managers, this can be done using our bespoke online portal which provides real time information as well as a messaging function to comunicate directly with our control centre.

If you own or manage a fleet of heavy commercial vehicles, you may be eligible for our large fleet management service. By registering your business with Egertons, we can provide you with a more personalised service that takes account of your particular needs.

Nationwide Coverage

Wherever you are, we want you to be confident in your choice of recovery company. Egertons has been in vehicle recovery for over 50 years, growing to become one of the country's leading operators, with the equipment and expertise to recover all vehicle types. 


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